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Protect Your Business With General Liability

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A good general liability insurance policy will protect your business holdings in a number of situations. Accidents are never planned, but they are sometimes unavoidable. Ensure you have the coverage you need if that day ever arrives. 

Bodily Injury
If someone is physically hurt at your place of business or by the actions of one of your employees, the injured party can bring suit against your company. Without bodily injury liability insurance your business holdings would be fair game. If the injured third party wins the lawsuit the court could go as far as ordering you to liquidate your business assets to pay the claim. Bodily injury liability protects your business. The policy will pay a court judgement for the injury up to the amount of the policy. The more coverage, the higher your premium will be, but Tropical Insurance Agency can help you determine how much coverage is appropriate for your particular industry.

Property Damage
Damage caused to a third party's property that is directly caused by you while you work, or by one of your employees while on the job, is covered by general liability insurance. This includes damaged property that belongs to a client or is directly related to your work as well as any collateral damage to an uninvolved party's property.

Personal Injury
General liability insurance includes coverage for personal injury. Personal injury claims are for libel or slander suits brought against your company for something written or said about a third party. Although sometimes more difficult to prove, libel and slander suites can be significant and you want coverage in case it happens.

There are some other protections that general liability insurance affords, including:

Advertising injury
Electronic data liability
Defense costs